Saturday, August 27, 2016

Top 24 Thrifty & Healthy Foods at Aldi

Aldi is a mystery to some and gold mine to others. With savings of 30% over national chains, here are my top 24 foods to buy at Aldi.

Over the years Aldi Grocery Store has grown on me. They offer the lowest prices I can find on everyday items. In truth, I don’t get ALL of my groceries there, but a good majority. There are some specialty items that they don’t carry and the produce can be hit or miss, but overall I highly recommend giving it a try. You can thank me later for all the money you save! Below is the list including the comparable national chain prices. 

Click here for a printable list. 

Here are my top 24 thrifty and healthy foods to buy at Aldi:

1. Multi-Grain Tortilla Chips  $1.69
(Tostitos Scoops $3.99)

2. Wheat Crackers $1.69
(Simply Enjoy by Giant  $2.49)

3.  Organic Salsa  $1.89
(Nature’s Promise Organic $2.79)

4. Trail Mix $4.99
(Back To Nature Trail Mix $7.99)

5. Organic Oatmeal $2.49
(Nature’s Promise by Giant $3.19)

6. Organic Peanut Butter  $3.89 Regular Peanut Butter  $2.29
(Giant Organic $4.29 – Regular 2.79 )

7. Organic Ketchup 24oz  $1.69
(Nature’s Promise 20 oz $2.39)

8. Eggs – Regular .99 or Organic Brown $3.49

9. Coconut Oil $4.99 
($6.19 at Giant)

10. Fruit Juice (Cranberry, Raspberry, Apple etc.) $1.79
(Giant brand $2.99)

11. Lentils $1.99
(Arrowhead Mills Brand Green $3.09)

12. Wheat Tortilla Wraps $1.39
(Nature’s Promise Wheat Tortillas $2.49)

13. Lettuce/Salad Mix $1.99-$2.49
Romaine Hearts, Organic Spinach, Organic Arugula, Spring Mix
(Romaine Hearts Bag at Giant $4.19 and Organic Spinach $3.69)

14. Canned Goods < $1
Organic Black Beans $0.79
Diced Tomatoes $0.55
(Giant grocery store $0.99-$1.29)

15. Cheese Blocks $1.69
(Giant Cheddar Cheese 8oz Bar $2.59)

16. Yogurt $0.29 Greek $0.65
(Yoplait Original $0.69 and Giant Greek $0.89)

17. Hummus $1.99
(Sabra $3.99)

18.  Bread (Whole Wheat) $1.79
(Nature’s Own $3.29)

19. Organic Quinoa $2.99
(Nature’s Promise $5.99)

20. Brown Basmati Rice 2lbs $2.79
(Trader joes 2lbs $3.29)

21. Basil Pesto $1.69
(Barilla Pesto $2.99)

22. Organic Spaghetti $1.29
(Bionaturae $2.69)

23. Organic Mac and Cheese $1.29
(Nature’s Promise $1.69)

24. Large Shrimp 3/4lb $5.49
(Giant $10.50 per pound frozen)

To find an Aldi near you click here.


  1. This is impressive. You've given me motivation to go back and give it another chance!!

    1. Thanks! Hope you can find some stuff you like there too. It is different that the traditional grocery store, but so worth it to save $$!

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  3. Just went to Aldi (they actually just renovated mine in the last month, and now it has sooo much more organic food than it did before with simply nature etc!) I bought most the stuff on your list except a few things I didn't need at home, was glad to find the pesto I never saw that there before. Great list!

    1. Awesome!! The pesto is wonderful... so easy to miss because its in a small container.

  4. Just stumble upon your blog and love it!! Thank you for this helpful post,
    There's a new Aldi is just 3 minutes away from my work but I haven't had the time to go and check it out. Guess what I'll be doing at lunch time :)?

  5. Hi Amy! So glad you found my blog and this post. Aldi is a "no-frills" kindof place but you can save a lot of money and get healthy options. Happy shopping!