Thursday, October 6, 2016

Review: Bar Bombon (Philadelphia)

You'll get a vegan meal that is anything but stereotypical at Bar Bombon. See whats cooking for the veggie lover and foodie in all of us.

Upon first entering Bar Bombon you probably won’t realize you are in a vegan restaurant. Full of traditional sounding Latin/Mexican options on the menu, they are anything but traditional. The ambiance is cozy, cultural yet modern, with steel tables, tile walls and plants adorning the windows.

Just off the main square in Rittenhouse,  this quaint gem is easy to miss with all the other shops and attractions. I had a feeling the dining experience was going to be top notch so I invited some friends, including Raquel from Sincerely Nourished and we had a blast. The servers were efficient and the food was delicious.

The Food: For starters the drinks are on point.  As you walk in you can’t miss the full bar and kudos to the bar tenders. They have some good happy hour specials on wine and cocktails. Classic salsa and guacamole were a hit. Both fresh and what you would expect from an authentic restaurant.

Highly recommend getting there in time for happy hour if you go on a weekday. The appetizers are what I considered to be the pricey items on the menu.

Buffalo Cauliflower Tacos – These were easily my favorite.  They are deep fried with buffalo sauce and refried black beans and avocado.

Tacos – Generally can’t go wrong. We tried all of them and each was tasty. You quickly forget there is no meat, because everything is so good.

Chipotle Chick’n Burrito – If I were trying to make myself a vegan burrito I don’t think I would know where to start, but the chefs at Bar Bombon have created a masterpiece. This burrito really tastes like chicken, and the sauce is mouthwatering. I could have dipped some chips in this stuff and called it a day.

Side Dishes | Corn on the Cob & Sweet Potato Salad – Don’t forget about the little guys at the bottom of the menu. We tried the corn on the cob (because when there is corn on the cob on the menu you have to try it!) and the sweet potato salad. If you follow my blog you know how much I LOVE sweet potatoes so I had to try. Two thumbs up! I don’t know how they get the creamy consistency of a traditional potato salad on a vegan restriction! It was worth the splurge ($5).

The Service: All servers took the job seriously and made you feel like you were in a 5 star restaurant. No question was gawked at and food came out timely.

The Price: Overall the main course options were competitive, all about $14. The sides and guac were a little pricy, but if you hit happy hour you are in the clear. If you are on a budget you can still get in and out of here for around $20 if you skip drinks. Not to shabby – remember you are in Rittenhouse!

One area I was underwhelmed with was the salads. The Bar Bombon salad was a small portion and the toppings of tomato, red onion were dismal.

Kudos to chef, who came and talked to us about the food and of course, Nicole Marquis for making her dream of vegan-sit down a reality. I highly recommend to all vegans and non-vegans. What a treat!


  1. The Chipotle Chick’n Burrito looks AMAZING - I'm definitely going to have to get that next time I go there!


    1. They were delicious! Hope you get to try sometime!!

  2. great review! I would love to try this place!