Sunday, April 24, 2016

Now Featuring Restaurant Reviews

I’ve been a yelp happy, restaurant reviewer, pub prowler, cafĂ© crawler for a long time, always eager to try something new and different. Check out my restaurant reviews for healthy eats.

We all have busy lives, weather you are working full time, have kids, pets, or anything in between. We all run out of time for cooking some days - even me (contrary to how many recipes are on my blog). Cooking at home is fun and you get piece of mind knowing what is in your food. But, I get it. We aren’t all making EF recipes every night! Cat’s out of the bag, neither am I.

So I’m launching my restaurant review page where you can find informative reviews for eateries in the Philadelphia area. Reviews will range from small locally owned to national chains.

Want to see me review your favorite restaurant? Send me an email. J

Also check out my Instagram page to see where I’ve eaten lately.

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