Friday, June 9, 2017

Fresh Cocktails at Jasper's Backyard (Conshohocken, PA)

From the herbs grown on the second story to the fruit lined up behind the bar, fresh is one of many ways to describe the cocktails at Jasper's backyard.

Located in Conshohocken, PA, there's more than meet's the eye at this trendy spot, which features multiple bars and a beautiful outdoor patio. I met up with John Slack, Bar Manager to talk about his innovative cocktail menu and how he has been able to infuse fresh fruits and herbs into every sip.

John has been a bartender around town for nearly a decade and has always had the philosophy "fresh is best". "We don't even carry drink mixers and syrups. It not only tastes better but it's also healthier when you use the real thing" says John. They make all their own simple syrup in house.

He gave me a tour that included the upstairs window balcony, which isn't just for show - it's where their secret garden lies. The restaurant maintains a full herb garden during the growing seasons and uses it in all their cocktails and select recipes. So that mint in your mojito, was picked just for you!

John has crafted one of a kind cocktails like the Jasperita (a twist on the margarita). As he started slicing an avocado to make the drink, it was clear to me his passion for making creative, quality drinks runs deep. Here's a run down of the two cocktails I tried on my visit...

The Jasperita - Yes, you read right, there is avocado blended into this drink! The avocado is blended in giving this drink a bright color and light cream like touch on the tongue - think of adding cream to coffee (not like a smoothie). Cointreau is used as an alternative to triple sec, for its reduced sugar content and robust flavor.

Ingredients - El Jimador Tequila, Cointreau, Fresh Squeezed Lime, Fresh Avocado, Agave

Conshopolitan - Named after the bar's hometown, here is another twist on the classic using fresh orange, lime and vodka (made right here in Philly). I prefer the added citrus in this to the traditional cosmo. It mellows out the vodka a bit - but still a strong drink. 

Jasper's carries Stateside which is made in Philadelphia.

Ingredients - Stateside Vodka, Muddled Orange & Lime, Triple Sec, Cranberry Juice

Other recommended cocktails are the Pomegranate Mule and Backyard Bum. 

Thanks to Jasper's and John for the tasting!

In all reality, it's hard to classify a cocktail as healthy, but I'm all about trying to improve on the status quo. A drink at happy hour on a Friday is one of my indulgences so cheers to a cleaner, health-ified cocktail at Jasper's!

Check out Jasper's Backyard menu here

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  1. Loved this! Nice to know what they care about!! Yummy cocktails!!