Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Reason I Started My Blog - Standard Process

I was ready for a life change. As you may have read on the “about” page, my doctor diagnosed me with a stomach ulcer and other GI issues so I knew it was time to take matters into my own hands. My half-hearted attempt at “watching what I ate” wasn’t working (eating a salad for lunch wasn’t enough). For a long time I thought my exercising would completely off-set any bad eating habits but it’s hard to have one and not the other and see results.

After reading a million diet plans and programs I started looking to friends and family for advice and finally a co-worker (shout out to Danielle) recommended I check out the Standard Process 21 day Purification Diet, what I call a cross between, diet and detox/cleanse. I immediately saw the potential this diet had for me and was ready to commit.

The Diet 101 
The diet program guide is 58 pages long including vital information about the diet, health and recopies, so I'm going to dial it down for you. However, if you decide to embark on the diet you should read it.

While intense, the basis of the program is simple and straight forward:
  • No wheat.
  • No meat (for the first 10 days)
  • No Alcohol or Caffeine.
  • No dairy
  • No nuts
  • No eggs
  • No processed food or preservatives
I found a new love for fruits and veggies.
So what did I eat?
Lots of vegetables, fruits, legumes, pseudo-grains, protein sources. This list is longer than it seems. Click here to see the list of foods you can eat.
No Meat!?  I have to call this item out because this was my biggest hurdle. I was freaked out by the thought and was pretty sure I would pass out from the lack of substance but as I said earlier I committed to making a drastic change to better my health. I was all in. This was hard but after the first couple days I didn’t feel I needed meat and honestly didn’t crave it unless someone waved a cheeseburger in my face.

Yes, there are supplements, lots of them. If you weren’t already skeptical I’m sure you are now… don’t get your panties in a wad just yet.

All the supplements are made from whole foods (whole plants, extracts, concentrates, and botanicals) and no preservatives. All the ingredients on the label are recognizable (Ex. red clover powder, kale powder and apple pectin). Here is the exact regime that is in the diet guide – of course I modified slightly.

Day 1-7
2-3 SP Complete  Shakes per day (this is where you get your protein). Provides amino acids, protien and supports intestinal, muscular, and immune health.
SP Cleanse Capsules - Taken 3 times per day (this is what gives flushes our your system). Contains 20 whole food and botanical ingredients
Gastro-Fiber Capsules - Taken 3 times per day (also flushes our your system and helps your GI tract). Supports healthy GI tract pH, supports healthy elimination and contains fennel, which helps relieve gas, abdominal cramps, and occasional indigestion.
Day 8-21
2-3 SP Complete  Shakes per day.
Gastro-Fiber Capsules - Taken 3 times per day
5 SP Green Food Capsules - Taken 2 times per day (I skipped these).

Notes on supplements – I started out on day one and two with 5 SP Cleanse and 2 Gastro Fiber pills 3 times a day and then went up to 7 and 3. This was a shock to my body for the first 3-4 days. Also I only had one shake in the morning as the main portion of my breakfast and one sometimes when I got home from work to hold me over for dinner. The shakes are not the main portion of the diet like some others out there.

Just to cover my bases, if you have any serious health conditions and/or take several prescription medications consult your physician before starting the diet.

My Outcome - What you should know is that this worked and I didn’t starve myself or live off of juice or shakes.

My results:
  • I lost 10 lbs and have kept it off ever since.
  • I had more energy after week one.
  • I felt good. No sign of stomach issues.
  • I gained a new positive outlook on food.
I know this is a huge undertaking and not for everyone. While I did this diet almost all by the book, I firmly believe that you can apply some of the diet guidelines without the supplements and still see major results. I say this because I’ve been off the diet since April 2015 and have not gained any weight back and still feel at my best most days.
I will add detailed week by week on what I ate, my favorite recipes on the diet etc. soon!
Take a minute to check out the diet and if you are interested post your comments below. 

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